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A person nominated as Young Entrepreneur of the Year has owned/operated a successful small business for 2 or more years and is under the age of 40 (as of May 15)
It is important to provide as much information as possible to ensure accurate scoring. Nominations with insufficient information may not be considered.

NOTE: Past winners cannot be re-nominated. For a complete list of past winners, click the Winners link on this website.

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Award Category: Young Entrepreneur of the Year
Years in Business Years Months
Location: Boyd County Carter County Greenup County
Number of Employees (At start-up)
Name of Business
Name of Owner
Business Address
Zip Code
Business Phone
Age of Nominee
(as of May 15)
* must be under 40 as of May 15
Describe the company's products/services:
Nominations are scored based on information and details provided to the following questions. Each question is assigned a percentage for scoring purposes. It is very important that every question be answered thoroughly. Provide details to describe the nominee’s small business assistance and support, small business advocacy efforts, community involvement, achievements, etc…

Purpose, Motivation, & Innovation (25% of overall score) - explain the nominee’s specific reasons for starting the small business.

For example, what research and planning motivated the nominee to start a business within a particular industry (i.e. realized a need for the product or service, results of market research and feasibility study, development or use of technology, etc…)?


Evidence of Growth or Expansion (15% of overall score) - demonstrates an intent and capacity to grow.

Specifically, how has the nominee demonstrated business growth or potential for business growth, business expansion, improvements, and progress (i.e. renovations, purchase of new equipment/machinery, acquisition of additional property or square footage, opening more locations, etc…)?


Response to Adversity and/or Creative Methods to Remain Competitive
(15% of overall score)

Specifically, how has the nominee demonstrated the ability to overcome economic adversity, hardship, natural disaster, etc…? Please provide examples of problems faced and resourceful and creative methods implemented to solve problems. Also, please list creative methods the nominee utilized to remain competitive in his/her industry.


"Above & beyond" efforts (10% of overall score) - evidence of contributions to assist and/or mentor other young and aspiring entrepreneurs and other small business owners

Specifically, efforts to go "above and beyond" the nominee's own small business duties and responsibilities (i.e. activities outside regular business duties that assist small businesses, extraordinary amounts of time and effort spent providing assistance and mentoring to young and aspiring entrepreneurs and other small business owners, etc...)?


Honors, awards, recognitions, and achievements (10% of overall score)

Specifically, how has the nominee been honored for his/her personal and professional efforts (i.e. awards, recognitions, accomplishments, achievements, acknowledgements, honors, etc…)?

  Involvement & Support Within the Community (25% of overall score) - evidence of contributions to enhance community (use of personal time and resources, volunteering, etc…)

Specifically, how has the nominee voluntarily used personal and/or business time and resources to benefit community-oriented projects (i.e. membership in Chamber of Commerce and/or Main Street, donation of time and/or money to charities, church, school/sporting activities, community or civic groups, serving on non-profit board of directors, etc…)?

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