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Small Business Awards

  • New Business of the Year: In business less than 2 years and shows evidence of growth and staying power

  • Emerging Business of the Year: In business 2-5 years and shows evidence of growth and staying power

  • Retail/Wholesale Business of the Year: In business more than 5 years – selling products in a retail and/or wholesale setting

  • Service Business of the Year: In business more than 5 years – service-related industry (such as day care, office cleaning, lawn care, dry cleaners, etc…)

  • Business Professional of the Year: In business more than 5 years – credentialed professional with advanced degree (such as doctor, pharmacist, veterinarian, CPA, dentist, engineer, architect, lawyer, etc...)

  • Construction/Contracting Business of the Year: In business more than 5 years – self-employed in the building or contracting trades

  • Downtown Business of the Year: In business more than 5 years – physical storefront in a location classified as a downtown business district (such as downtown Grayson, downtown Catlettsburg, downtown Greenup, downtown Ashland, etc…)

  • Family-Owned Business of the Year: In business more than 5 years – company that has been passed on from one generation to another (must have experienced at least 2 generations of ownership)

Small Business Champion of the Year

  • An individual who assists small businesses through advocacy and support efforts that helps to improve business, regulatory, and/or financial opportunities for small business owners. The nominee may be an individual whose job it is to provide small business assistance. However, the nominee's assistance should also take place outside his/her regular job duties (i.e. volunteering personal time and/or resources).

Small Business Champion nominees may include bankers, attorneys, CPAs, politicians, economic development officials, small business lobbyist, and other individuals who advocate on behalf of the small business community and/or whose professional and volunteerism directly impacts the local/regional small business community.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

  • A person nominated as Young Entrepreneur of the Year has owned/operated a successful small business for 2 or more years and is under the age of 40 (as of May 15). Nominees should demonstrate reason and motivation for starting a small business, evidence of growth or expansion, response to adversity, evidence of contributions to assist and/or mentor other young and aspiring entrepreneurs and other small business owners, awards and achievements, and community involvement.

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